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Inspiring Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Christmas nail art designs are the best way to give your nails a festive look this holiday season. Glitter, gems, and snowflakes are the typical designs seen on the nails of girls during this time of year, but you can go further and try out something different to stand out from the crowd. This article features Christmas nail art ideas that you can use to design your nails before the holidays begin.

1. Snowmen

These classic crafts are also a cute way to add some fun holiday style to your nails. You’ll need both white and black nail polish, along with a brush. Apply one coat of white polish on all but one of your nails. Paint on a pair of eyes (you can get creative here!) and then finish off with a topcoat. If you have time, try using some nail art brushes to make it more interesting.

2. Reindeer and Gift Boxes

This nail art is perfect for both novice and advanced manicurists. The simple, yet elegant reindeer design—perfectly drawn on each nail with three different colors—is done by utilizing white polish as a backdrop to add depth and dimension. Next, attach small pieces of red or black glitter between each of your reindeer’s legs in order to simulate antlers. For an added layer of detail, you can also place gold beads around their necks as gifts. The best part?

3. Wintery Glow

Bright colors will stand out against a snowy backdrop, giving you an extra layer of festive cheer for Christmas nail art . Try adorning your nails with holly berries and snowflakes to mirror your holiday surroundings. Since one coat won’t be enough to keep those colors bright, you might want to consider investing in some long-lasting lacquer.

4.Candy Canes

It may be cliche, but candy canes are another Christmas nail art design that is cute and add a festive touch to any manicure. To design these, use a color from your favorite candy cane (be careful to choose something that complements your skin tone) and paint it onto your nails in an artful way; tip off one side of each nail to look like a wavy stripe or just get fancy with diagonal lines across each nail. This design will have you feeling merry in no time!

5. Shining Star

We all know that stars are really pretty, but did you know that they also symbolize hope? If you’re hoping to have a good holiday season, why not celebrate Christmas nail art with a silver star for an elegant touch?

6. Painted Stars on Pink Tips

Pink nails are perfect for accenting a white sweater or perhaps paired with a black dress for holiday parties. To get these looks, paint your nails white and then use a small nail brush to create different sizes of pink dots all over. The stars will seem random but actually form constellations like Scorpio, Hercules, and Lyra. This design could also work on other colors such as blue or yellow for springtime Easter nails.

7. Glittery Christmas Tree

Start with a base coat and paint nails red. When it dries, apply a fine glitter and add stars of varying sizes. Finally, put on a topcoat to protect your design from smudging and chipping.

8. Bow on Red Base

This is one of those manicures that will make you look forward to all things sparkly. Getting ready for a party? This nail art design is very chic and sophisticated. You will only need three colors of nail polish: white, red, and gold. To apply it, start with a white base color, then take a coat of red on top. Use your favorite brush or toothpick to draw in a Christmas tree shape on your nails.

9. Rainbow Glitter Tips

A great idea for a festive look, these tips are perfect if you’re looking to have a little more fun with your nails with provided Christmas nail art. The glitter looks great around Christmastime or all year round, and they’re easy to apply.

10. Colorful Stripes

There’s something so cheerful about putting on red, green and white stripes with a manicure. Wintertime means having some fun with cold-weather colors, and these are some of our favorite nail art ideas for a festive Christmas manicure. Add a cute Santa hat to complete your look!

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