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Jay Alvarrez and Coconut Oil

What do you know about Jay Alvarrez? Alvarez was born in Hawaii on July 5, 1995. Following his mother’s death from cancer when he was 14, he dropped out of high school. Raised by his father, he has become a noted model, travel blogger, and social media influencer.

Since a well-known YouTuber by the name of Jay Alvarrez shared a video about coconut oil, people eagerly searched for it. The coconut oil video is made up of a man named Jay Alvarrez and the Instagram model Sveta Bilyalova.

It appears that the pair was getting naughty with coconut oil in the picture. People watching TikTok videos seem only interested in two things: Missy Elliott’s Pass That Dutch playing in the background and that  Jay Alvarrez uses a kettle for oil as a lubricant, which sounds dangerous. If you come across a reference to coconut oil on TikTok, that’s what it’s likely talking about.

Alvarez has remained silent about the coconut oil video that went viral. Now, Bilyalova has admitted that Jay Alvarrez shared this video to blackmail her.

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